Drawing has always been my favorite way of making art. I think of drawing as one of the purest forms of artistic self expression, as a stripped or unplugged version of a song is to music. “Simply” mark making with pencil and paper. That said, some of the pieces here have become more complex as I’ve worked on them and decided to add glazes or some other touch of paint or color or even paper from a hornet nest. Available for purchase unless marked sold. All sales through Paypal, “Buy It Now” and stated shipping fee applies to US addresses only. Buyers outside the US please Contact me for purchase information. Prints of several pieces are available through my Saatchi online gallery page.

Black Walnut Ink Drawings

Drawings done with artist created black walnut ink. The ink was made from walnuts collected from trees outside my studio. The walnuts were boiled, husked, and the husks further boiled down until they are reduced to a warm black ink.

Embryo Series

A spin off from my “Fruit Gone Bad” series. Drawings of embryos inhabiting various vegetables and intertwine themselves around the roots. All are graphite on paper and shipped flat.
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The Narcissist
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Garden Spirit
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The Dissolution of Myth
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Whispers of the Ancients
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Moonflower Angel
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Season’s End Sold
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Moonflower Maiden
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The Passing of Ancient Memories
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Origin of the Emissary
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Study of a Mummified Bird
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Essence 2
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Pisces 1
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Pisces 2
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Echoes Series

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Echoes of Azure
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Echoes of Choices Made
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Echoes of an Unrealized Origin
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The Imperialist
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Three Fates
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renascence, noun, the revival of something that has been dormant.
The Renascence series of drawings revolves around themes of rediscovery, renewal and rebirth.
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Origins Sold
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Synapse 2
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The Dissolution of a Rhinoceros
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A Changeling
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Study of a Prophet Flower