Working as an illustrator for most of my life meant I rarely had time to spend on outside projects. But in 2005 I decided it was time to pursue personal work. I began my “fine art” journey painting portraits and figurative pieces. Although my figurative work achieved some success I wanted to pursue a more imaginative vision and created my Dankquart Collection series. That series had a large influence on my other work including my drawings and paintings until the lines between the series have become blurred as with pieces like “Pledge” and “The Sin Eater”.

Work shown here is available for sale unless marked sold. Please Contact me for information.
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The Sin Eater
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Unexpected Rhythms
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Born With a Tale Sold
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The Gardener
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Memories of the Future Sold
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Portrait of a Dream Merchant Sold
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Transformational View Sold
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Metamorphosis Two Sold
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Archived Paintings

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Avian Communication in the Apocalyptic Mind
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North Star
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Moon Men!
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Winter Contemplation Sold
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Happy Face Sold
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Traversing the Parallel
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So Alice Went Through the Looking Glass Again
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Heart Sleeve
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VooDoo Steps Out NFS
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The Arrival
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Ginny Moon Prepares for Takeoff
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Black and White Self Sold