The Dankquart Collection is my continuing series of faux antiquities and curiosities based on the imaginary assemblage of an invented figure, Victor Dankquart. A connoisseur of all things strange and beautiful, Mr Dankquart has amassed a vast array of exotic items, and has agreed to share them with like minded collectors. Available for purchase unless marked sold. All sales through Paypal, “Buy It Now” and stated shipping fee applies to US addresses only. Buyers outside the US please Contact me for purchase information.

Wall Hangings
I began this group while experimenting with layering acrylic paint and resin. I had a supply of vintage porcelain mixing dishes at my disposal, so I decided to use them as containers to hold the resin and paint. Then I decided the dish needed a holder or frame as well and began to incorporate the polymer clay surrounds.

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Eye of Knowledge
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Death’s Head Hornet in Amber
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Winged Skeleton in Viridian
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Eye of the Guardian
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Mine Sold
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Eye of an Octopoid
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Reliquaries, Shrines and Portraits
“Reliquary From a Lost Civilization” was the first of the Dankquart Collection series that began with the story of my meeting the fictional adventurer Victor Dankquart. He related to me the discovery of this relic from a time and civilization long passed and forgotten and the series grew from there to include shrines and portraits. The series has expanded further to include artwork from different periods of the lost civilizations history. It has also become my main body of work.

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The Conqueror
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Genesis Shrine
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Portrait of a Spellcaster
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Reliquary of an Amaranthine Conjuror
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Reliquary of a Storyteller Sold
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Reliquary of the Morning Star
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Reliquary From a Lost Civilization
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Reliquary of a Naturalist Sold
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Reliquary of an Apiarist
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The Jealous Moon
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Summer’s Twilight Sold
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A Daughter of the Earth
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(And What of Dreams?) Reliquary of a Dream Merchant
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Reliquary of the Aviary Master Sold
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The Anatomist Sold
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Enlightenment Sold
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Portrait of a Dream Merchant Sold
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The Watcher
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Rose Skull Sold
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Eye Mural Fragment Sold
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The Satyr’s Eye Sold
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The Unexpected Guest
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