As an artist who has primarily spent his time with brush and pencil, I find sculpting a wonderful way to move in a different artistic direction. Many of the pieces here were inspired or created for my Dankquart Collection series so there may be some overlap in presentation as I combine several techniques and media. Available for purchase unless marked sold. All sales through Paypal, “Buy It Now” and stated shipping fee applies to US addresses only. Buyers outside the US please Contact me for purchase information.
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The Unexpected Guest
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Bound (close up)
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Bound (side-back views)
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Eye of a Necromancer
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Eye of a Necromancer-Violet Beetle Sold
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Eye of a Necromancer-Copper Beetle $325.00
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Eye of a Necromancer-Red Beetle $325.00
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Eye of a Necromancer-Green Beetle Sold