Blog Changes

I've been busy reworking my website, adding some things, changing others, and generally attempting to tidy the whole thing up. It's been too long since I've done so and the job is taking longer than imagined. No surprise there I suppose.

Part of the update will involve redirecting my Blog posting energy to my Instagram account. I post on Instagram almost daily so it's become a much better place to keep track of the very latest news. I also post work in progress photos and videos and mentions of new work and Shop sales. So if you're interested in keeping track of what I'm doing or just care to check in once and awhile please consider following me on Instagram. My IG handle is@WalkerBrushWorks.

As always I love to hear from visitors to my website or people interested in my work so please feel free to contact me or comment on my IG posts.

And for those of you who have been good enough to follow along with all my craziness, many thanks. I truly appreciate the support you've given me over the years, and an extra tip of the hat to those kind enough to purchase my work. You keep me making art and for that I am grateful.

Spring Surreal @StoneSparrowNYC

Dream Into Reality Into Dream web

“Dream Into Reality Into Dream” is one of two pieces I’ll be showing with Stone Sparrow NYC Gallery as part of their Spring Surreal Group show. It’s an incredible line up of artists and will be a fantastic show. In addition to the painting above “Rolling Rabirdt” will be on display. Created from epoxy clay with wheels from an antique toy car, he was imagined as a vintage pull toy version of the main character in the painting above. Right now he’s sitting in the gallery’s front window greeting passersby ready to welcome them to the gallery.

Spring Surreal opens Wednesday March 23 from 5-9 pm at Stone Sparrow NYC, 45 Greenwich Ave, NY.
Rolling Rabirdt w Base web

Metamorphosis at Modern Eden

“The Midnight Spell” Acrylic on panel, wood reliquary style frame and epoxy clay.

I’m thrilled to announce I will be showing five new paintings at, Metamorphosis, a four artist group show at Modern Eden Gallery in San Francisco, CA. I’m extremely happy with the way this series of paintings came out. Each is a stand alone work but with elements that relate to the others. I imagined them as five short stories that all come together to form one longer tale. The fames for four of the pieces were created by myself and the fifth was a vintage frame that was refinished and painted to enhance the painting it surrounds.

The show runs from March 13 to April 4 2021. Participating artists include, Sandra Yagi, Michael Campbell, and Hugo D. Villa and in person viewing is available. If you’re not in the SF bay area you can always check out the artwork online at the Modern Eden website. For sales inquiries please contact Kim at Modern Eden and she will be more than happy to answer all your questions.

A Man of the West


“A Man of the West” 2020 12.375x10.5” Acrylic on Crescent 100% rag, heavyweight illustration board. Varnished, ready to frame. Originally planned as a demonstration painting for a presentation to a local art group which was cancelled due to the pandemic. I decided to go ahead and paint the portrait posting in progress photos online. With more time to work than a short evening presentation allows, I was able to completely finish the work, adding additional elements that help expand the painting’s narrative. Available and ready to ship from my studio.

Demo posts are available on my Instagram gallery with the initial block in video HERE.


The Birdman Reliquary Cabinet


“The Birdman Cabinet” (Reliquary of a Spellcaster) 20.75x11.5x5” mixed media.

The latest addition to my Dankquart Collection series is this reliquary cabinet featuring a fully sculpted bird man skeleton artifact, opening doors with an interior triptych painting, and a selection of spellcaster’s possessions hidden behind a removable panel.

The central part of the piece was purchased many years ago at a flea market, part of antique schoolhouse clock. I inverted the cabinet and created a base for it to sit on. From there the cabinet was divided into upper and lower halves. Two doors were created for the lower half, the upper half made use of an existing small glass door.

I knew the glass door would be the perfect showcase for a skeletal artifact and with a door that opened and closed as easily as this one did I would want to make the item inside removable. That meant that the skeletal remains would need to be finished all the way around rather than having a front only finish which would have been much simpler, but not nearly as interesting!


The old cabinet was also deep enough to allow me to create a removable panel in the lower section, a secret compartment, behind which I could include an assortment of odd items. These would be things used by a spellcaster, presumably used to create the bird-man hybrid creature whose remains hang above.

When building a piece like this so much of the work is determined by the size of the parts used in its construction. That means that I can get a basic idea of what I want to design, paint or sculpt, but need to customize the finished art each step of the way. For example I knew I would be painting a three panel piece that would be revealed when the lower doors were opened, but did not know the actual size until the door and panel pieces were cut and fit, and using an old cabinet like this means there can be a lot of custom fitting.

Here are a couple of shots of the bird man skeleton being sculpted. This began with a wire with a styrofoam ball on one end that I used to bulk out the skull. I worked this piece in stages using epoxy clay. One session for the base of the skull, the next to create the spine, etc. I wanted to add a freestanding rib cage, a lot more involved than sculpting a rib cage shaped lump of clay. I decided to try bending wire loops for each rib section. The ends of each rib was then epoxied into a hole drilled into a corresponding vertebra. After the epoxy set I was able to form clay around each wire and then sculpt the ribs individually.



While the ribs cured I moved on to making arm bones. These were each made as separate parts, as were the shoulder blades and collar bones. When ready they were assembled with epoxy and then molded together. The final skeleton sculpt was then given multiple passes of acrylic paint and glaze for an aged look. He was later fit with a hanger for mounting in place.


In between sculpting sessions I worked on the door painting. This was really a fun piece to paint. I bled the composition across the three panels which really expands the width of the entire piece when the doors are opened. The final painting was treated to an application of three part craquelure varnish.


The cloth tabs at the base of the painting allow for removal of the panel. Inside this area I added a couple of dividers and then made up a few of the spellcaster’s special ingredients. Bones, a fang, a red tailed hawk feather (found on a dog walk), some antique bottles filled with colored liquid, and a candle which has obviously been lit in the past. All of these are removable and could be replaced with different items if desired.



The exterior was given a coat of varnish. I was careful not to erase the beautiful patina that already existed but added the rope twist pieces on either side topped with human and bird skulls, one on either side, referring to the birdman composite in the middle. Bone decorations were made for the doors, (a right and a left), and as a final touch I created a latch using the original hanger that came on the old cabinet.


These pieces are extremely time consuming to make, nearly as complex as the Azure Angel reliquary I built but on a smaller scale, however, tremendously satisfying as completed projects. Hopefully more in the series to come.

“The Birdman Cabinet” is SOLD. Please inquire by using the Contact page here.

Monochromagic 2

Monochromagic 2 Forest Satyr2
I have a new drawing in this WOWxWOW online group show opening July 5. “Forest Satyr” 11 x 9.75” image, graphite on 16.25 x 15” paper size. For purchase information contact

Prarie Gothic Show

genesisshrine3Very happy to announce I’ll be a part of this fantastic group show sponsored by the Beverly Area Arts Alliance. I plan to show 5 pieces including “The Genesis Shrine” above. Show info follows. Hope to see you at the opening!


Like fireflies emerging from the shadows at twilight, the dark side of the prairie and the mysteries of the midway will be revealed to the more curious among you.

Featuring works by: Kass Copeland, John Walker, Robin Power, Jake Saunders, Larry Tuckman and Kevin Blake.



Open during the Uprising Summer Solstice celebration, Private viewings may be scheduled upon request.

Closing Reception 7-10pm, July 20th.

Curator: Sal Campbell

HEY! Magazine Interview

(Cover art by Mike Worrall)
Happy to announce my feature in the current issue of French new contemporary art magazine, “HEY!” is now live. Several of my reliquary and mixed media pieces are presented along with a brief interview. This is a great art magazine who’s editors are working hard to present the best in new contemporary artwork to an international audience. In addition to my work there are write ups covering the work of artist Mike Worrall among others, along with a great section of Japanese artists. This issue is well worth the purchase price and is available now for download. HEY! #7 Season 2,
The print edition will be available in September.

Painting Presentation and Demo

Monday April 8, 7pm, I’ll be giving a presentation to the Downers Grove Artists Guild at the Downers Grove Public Library. I’ll be speaking about my work, how I began my current series, and doing a little painting too. These events are always a lot of fun so if you’re in the area please come join us. The presentation is free and open to the public.

Black Moon Voyager Prints Available!

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ll be working with House of Roulx, the premier print edition gallery, to offer a signed limited edition print of “Black Moon Voyager”. These prints look tremendous. Produced with archival inks on heavy paper stock, there will only be twelve available in the edition, with an exclusive smaller run of three hand embellished, one of a kind variants available. Each variant stays within a theme and remains true to the Dankquart Collection look and feel, but each is different as well, no two alike, so they are great collector pieces. I’m happy to be able to offer these beautiful prints and really proud of the way the hand painted versions came out.

These pieces will be available exclusively through House of Roulx and will drop March 7 2019. Previews are available at Type “Walker” into the search bar to see all the variations that will be available on release.