New Drawing- "Descent"

“Descent” 20x16” graphite and conté with acrylic on paper/canvas

I’ve become a somewhat spoiled with the glazed paper surfaces I’ve been working with lately. The durability is fantastic although admittedly the fine sandpaper like surface can be both a plus and minus depending on exactly what I’m trying to accomplish. I do love the look the textured surface gives the finished work, which reminds me of a litho stone. I’ve also been doing more layering with these pieces on glazed paper which allows me to reemphasize select areas of a drawing and add color accents. The red shapes at the top and bottom were made with rubber stamps from an antique price marker set. The top circular element is bronze metallic acrylic.

The drawing was inspired in part by the reproduction Olmec colossal head located on Chicago’s Field Museum lawn. Unlike so much of my work this piece was drawn from a sketchbook entry and is planned to be the first in a series.