New- "Eye of the Guardian"

“Eye of the Guardian” 7 x 5.5 x 1.25” (9.75” H including chain and loop hanger). Polymer clay, porcelain dish, metallic and non metallic acrylic paint, acrylic mediums, felt back, metal chain.

This new sculptural work was inspired in part by my painting “The Watcher”, the portrait of an imagined figure who observes all. Like the other pieces in this series it is constructed of polymer clay wrapped around an old porcelain color mixing dish. These shallow bowls by the way were inherited from my artist father who amassed a pretty sizable number of them over the years. It’s the first time I’ve added a sculpted element like this and I’m very happy with the result. The finish on the surround was executed with multiple passes of metallic and non-metallic glazes over a metallic base coat. The eye in the center of the piece has been executed with a gloss finish that makes it stand out from the matte area around it and gives the eye a nice “wet” look.

“Eye of the Guardian” is available at a reduced, introductory price, for a very limited time as one of my Holiday Featured items, details and purchase info is listed there.