The Genesis Voyager

“The Genesis Voyager” 14.5x11.5 (shown with a slight crop as the image will appear when framed.)

My first finished painting of 2019 is this mixed media piece, “The Genesis Voyager”. It actually began as an experimental piece, but one that would continue within the latest framework of a new series of portraits. I started with a piece of cardboard that I had been saving. I liked the tone and texture of the stock and thought it would look great as a base for layering transparent and semi opaque layers of color. So I sealed it with a textured clear acrylic and tucked it away until the right project came along and this new series of paintings seemed a perfect fit.

Work began with an experimental approach, that is trying some different layering combinations, etc, with no expectations of having a “keeper” painting. But I reached a point where the piece just fit so well with the other two I had already created, and I was so happy with what was happening on the board, that I decided to take it all the way to a finished work.

In some ways this seems a departure from the other work in the Dankquart Collection series. Maybe a bit too colorful, or too “abstract” but then again part of the idea of the series was that the artwork being “discovered” came from different places and periods and logically would have been created by different hands. Many of the Dankquart series elements are present though and I think more of a family connection will be apparent when the others in the series arrive, although each of them is created with a different approach.

The techniques I’m using are really more of a throwback then anything new to me the major difference being the surface I’m working on, and even that isn’t totally foreign, I’ve worked like this before. One thing that is different is that I’m working on surfaces other than my usual prepared mdf panels, although the first three pieces in the series are mounted to mdf.

Here are a couple of in progress shots that I posted on my Instagram account, and please follow me on IG if you are so inclined, @walkerbrushworks.

A photo taken early on as color is being laid down in broad sweeps. This was shot at an angle to show the surface texture. Lots of “grit” to work with.

This was taken the next day. I’m probably close to laying in the basics. from that point I start to “mold” some of those abstract areas and create images or suggestions of things. The embryo peeking out from the left side is an exception, I wanted him to be much more developed.


The side of the artwork after mounting the cardboard to mdf. The mdf is sealed with acrylic all around and after mounting the sides are sealed as well. I’m not saying you could display this at the bottom of your swimming pool but I like the idea that it should be very stable and resistant to environmental changes. You can also see what we illustrators call the “bleed” around the painting, the raw board area showing through that will be covered when the artwork is framed. From here the painting received a couple of coats of varnish with a semi gloss finish.