“Bound” Approx. 8.5 x 5” dome size. Approx. 7 x 4 x 2” sculpture size. Apoxie and polymer clays, acrylic, resin, wire, metal rod, glass dome, wood base.

My newest sculpt comes from another little sketchbook entry, an idea that came to me one night while exploring more ideas of sculpting my embryonic figures inside of pieces of vegetables or fruit. I thought about the concept of two figures intertwined inside a core and their connection to each other. The final piece can be interpreted in different ways, I think, and I prefer to let each individual make their own decisions about meaning, so no more from me about that. But as always I love to hear interpretations from viewers so please feel free to contact me with any thoughts or comments.
This is a crop of my little sketchbook drawing. About as far as I take these types of things. I like to get the idea down with just enough detail to record the concept and any important wrinkles then let the rest develop when I go to finish.
The pair of figures wrapped with barbed wire. I created the barbed wire, kind of a tricky thing to make especially at the proper scale, and took several tries to get right.
Lots of detail in both the sculpt and the paint. The figures were sculpted separately and affixed in place. The barbed wire was added last.
Back of the piece showing the heart shape and the way the skin begins to peel away. You can also see the purple shoots which have erupted through the top.
Top of the sculpt with the peeling skin, shoots and wire.

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“Bound” is available for purchase studio direct. For more information and pricing please email me using the Contact page.