Black Moon Voyager

“Black Moon Voyager” 14x14” mixed media on panel. SOLD

The third in my Voyager series of paintings, and a subset of the Dankquart Collection, Black Moon Voyager is a fresco inspired piece created with actual and trompe l'oeil style texture, cracks, and aging. The central fractured painting sits above the base panel and has been finished in a gloss varnish. The area surrounding the painting has a matte, textured, old plaster/stone appearance that compliments the painting and reinforces the broken fresco feel.

The framed original is sold. Prints of this piece are available in a signed limited edition for $60, or in a special embellished version (only three embellished available) for $120 through House of Roulx. For more information or to purchase a print please see my page on the House of Roulx website here.