Beginning a New Series: Renascence

renascence, noun, the revival of something that has been dormant.

I’m debuting a new series with today’s post, titled “Renascence”. The series revolves around themes of rediscovery, renewal and rebirth. My vision is that this will primarily be a collection of drawings, (at least for now, although I won’t rule out the inclusion of a painted piece or two), that will grow over the next few weeks with pieces in both large and smaller formats.Synapse
Synapse 18x24” graphite and charcoal on paper.

The first piece in the series is titled “Synapse” after the space between nerve cells in the brain, the junctions where thought is handed off from one milepost to the next in the form of electrical buzz. I imagine those junctions would be extremely interesting places to visit, the places where every manner of thought and idea has moved across. Because if all thought has traveled through those junctions then you have to wonder if occasionally a stray bit of current might not have missed the jump. And if those random bits and flecks of memory and ideas did become separated from their counterparts, then isn’t “the space between” the location where any lost echoes of thought are most likely to be found, accumulating like coins drifted down between the couch cushions, kept hidden in the dark? If you could examine those gaps, sift through the debris like an archaeologist at a remote dig site, what long dormant glimpses of the past and its connections might be unearthed and rediscovered?