New- Reliquary of a Storyteller

Reliquary of a Storyteller 17.5x12..x4.25”
The newest entry in the Dankquart series of faux antiquities is this mixed media piece, “Reliquary of a Storyteller”. A memorial to one of the members of a guild who traversed the countryside telling tales of strange and wonderful experiences. A mix of entertainer, trickster, bard, singer, magician, preacher, and actor, it was said that they possessed the power to share the consciousness of any living creature. Many Storytellers claimed the ability to see the future, some the capacity to relive lives long passed.

The most accomplished Storytellers drew huge crowds when they came to town. They would stand atop a colorful stage as the sun went down and start to tell their tales. Beginning with a loud voice to capture the crowd’s attention, they would slowly soften their tone as the crowd became hypnotized by the story. As the evening progressed there would be a series of accounts, mysterious tales of faraway lands and bizarre people, of dangers and triumphs, of flashing yellow eyes and cool green breezes, of insects buzzing across seas of hot sand and tentacled creatures roiling inky black depths, of bright silver beauty and dark red betrayal, of life and love, of feather, flower and fang. The performance would last until the first light of dawn, whereupon the storyteller would step down from the stage, pack his belongs and move on. The crowd of people would break up, each going their own way, heads swimming from the experience of exploring the wonders of the world in a single night.

“Reliquary of a Storyteller” is a mixed media piece consisting of an acrylic on panel painting mounted in a wood frame with polymer clay ornaments and brass inserts with polymer clay pieces embedded in resin. Please use the Contact form for more information or to inquire about purchasing. Sold