Eye of Knowledge Wall Hanging

Eye of Knowledge wall hanging, 7.25x3.5, mixed media.

A new entry in the Dankquart Collection series is this mixed media wall ornament. I had the idea for this piece kicking around my head ever since I inherited a few of these vintage porcelain dishes. That round form seemed a perfect space for an eye painting and the antique look of the dish was a nice fit for the faux antiquity theme I’m working with. The eye painting in the center of the porcelain color mixing dish was created with acrylic in a few layers which gives the artwork a subtle three dimensional look. The outer portion of the piece, the thorn stems and flower skull was sculpted from polymer clay. The tendrils were added because, well, aren’t these flowers always wrapping themselves around their hosts?
Watch a video of this piece on my Facebook page HERE.

Eye of Knowledge 7.125x3.25, acrylic, porcelain dish, epoxy resin, polymer clay, wire, metal chain and ring. Available for purchase studio direct.