Traversing the Parallel

Traversing the Parallel 24x36” acrylic on board.

Friday April 17 is the opening date for the “Immortality and Vulnerability” show at Chicago’s Zhou B Art Center. Above is my contribution to the show, “Traversing the Parallel”. I did a quick interview and discussed some of the ideas behind the painting with one of the show’s curator’s and the publisher of Poets/Artists magazine. Here’s an excerpt in which I discuss some aspects of the piece:

“I would describe this as a quiet painting, more whisper than shout. The color pallet is subdued, there are a lot of deeper values. But the subject, even though in the midst of what may be a gloomy setting, has just the slightest smile. There are various "dark" elements for viewers to consider, like the black horizontal void between buildings, and the rough graffiti covered wall. Despite all that I think there is a certain gentleness too. My aim was to leave viewers with a positive vibe. It's a very personal painting and as I worked I began to know more about the girl, who she is, what's running through her mind. That's the best part of painting for me, when I begin to mentally inhabit a piece, experience the painting's story. It's said that a whisper can be a very effective way to communicate. I hope that's true in the case of this painting.”

Please come out and join us at the opening on the 17th. Many of the artists with work in the show will be attending, including yours truly, so this is a great opportunity to not only see some incredible art but meet the artists behind the work.