Shadow and Grace

Early in the year I was invited by Tim Maclean to participate in “Shadow and Grace” a six person show with WOWxWOW online running August 10-31. I created four new pieces for the show, but as the opening grew near Tim asked if I would consider adding a few drawings as well, so I created three new sketches for the show too. Artists in the show include, ‚ÄčLioba Brückner, Hanna Jaeun, Archan Nair, Andi Soto, Nathalia Suellen, and of course myself. It’s a terrific honor to have been asked to show with WOWxWOW and to be included with a group like this is a real treat. Below are the paintings I’ve created for the show. Please see for images of all the artwork and contact with any purchase inquiries.

“Portrait of a Mystic”

“Spell of the Mystic”

“Captain Perilous Darke”

“Thirteen Days til Harvest”