The Keeper

thekeeperframed1One of my goals for the new year is to create more small pieces, this is the first. Acrylic on panel mounted in a reclaimed vintage frame with polymer clay bird skull and feathers collected from my walks through a local park.
This is the sketch I worked from. I typically tape these to my board as I work and they often wind up doubling as a pallet to tip my brushes on.

Acrylic on panel 7x5”.

Creating the frame ornament. Polymer clay bird skull painted with multiple layers of acrylic glazes surrounded by bird feathers collected on walks in a local park.

“The Keeper” is available studio direct for $395.00 plus shipping and sales tax if applicable. Contact me for purchase information.

Whispers of the Ancients

“Whispers of the Ancients” 18x24” graphite, colored pencil, acrylic and hornet nest paper on Strathmore paper.

The drawing continues my exploration of a theme of “masks”. Graphite drawing with a few touches of black colored pencil to deepen the darkest dark values and red acrylic. The outer “mat” area is bald faced hornet nest paper. Rather than creating a separate mat I wanted the integrity of adding the paper to the actual drawing surface. The outer edge of the nest paper was left rough as you might see on a deckled edge of a sheet of drawing paper. I’ve referenced the bald faced hornets in many of my drawings and felt the nest material tied in perfectly with the subject and theme of this series and this drawing in particular.

Adhering the hornet nest paper to the drawing surface. I used pieces from two different nests, carefully disassembling the paper in layers.

Open Edition Prints now Available

I will now be offering a greater selection of open edition prints through my Saatchi Art online gallery. “The Imperialist” and “Moonflower Maiden” are now available today through Saatchi in both fine art paper and/or canvas editions. For more information see my Saatchi Art page.

“The Imperialist” (cropped)

“Moonflower Maiden”