The Dissolution of a Rhinoceros

The Dissolution of a Rhinoceros 18x15” paper size, graphite on Strathmore Mixed Media heavy weight paper.


Reconnection 13.5x16 3/8” image size, 15x18” paper size, graphite on Strathmore heavyweight paper.

“Reconnection” continues my current drawing series, Renascence. The drawing is an exploration of the inter-connected nature of life, and the possibility that we still carry pieces of long dormant fragments of a shared past. A concept that is the backbone of the Renascence series. The paper leaves wrapping around the subject was inspired by my observation of the multi layered structure of a large bald faced hornet nest hanging in a tree near my studio. The drawing was created using graphite, primarily using an HB micro lead pencil. The paper is Strathmore’s multi media, which has the wonderful quality of being heavy enough to withstand not only reworking of the graphite, but also applications of acrylic matte medium, which I use to help set and seal the graphite.