New Painting- "Pledge"

“Pledge” 20x16” acrylic on canvas mounted to panel.

After spending quite a bit of time drawing and working with some experimental layered drawing techniques, it was time to get back to painting. Although I’m not working with multiple physical layers in this piece as in some of those recent experiments I did use many many layers of veiled glazes. The subject is also inspired by the mask drawing series I’ve been working on lately and I hope to continue the series. I almost named this piece, “Princess” or “The Princess’ Promise” or something along those lines, since I see her as some type of royal promising something. I’m not quite sure what she’s promising but I assume it has something to do with loyalty or being faithful to the cause. Maybe the answer will become clearer as the series progresses.

“Pledge” is available through Arch Enemy Arts gallery, please contact the gallery for purchase information.

This is my starting point, a quickly drawn sketch that I wandered away from a little as I painted and became aware of what was working and what could be improved. And a couple of detail shots below.