Reliquary of a Naturalist

reliquaryofanaturalistwebReliquary of a Naturalist 12.75x11” acrylic on panel, wood, brass, polymer clay, metallic paint, oil paint, acrylic resin, speciality varnish. Sold

Detail of the fragment inserts along the top of the frame. These are sculpted pieces encased in resin.
Side view of the enclosure.

The Anatomist

The Anatomist 8x6” mixed media.

The Anatomist is one of several smaller pieces I’ve currently been occupied with. Two of the paintings will be going to an upcoming group show (details when the opening date is closer). This painting comes from a sketchbook drawing and continues my exploration of revealing inner structure and biological underpinnings within the my faux antiquities series.

The Anatomist is available for purchase. Sold