"Summer's Twilight" at Modern Eden Gallery

Summer’s Twilight 14.5x14.75" Acrylic on panel, wood frame with polymer clay ornament. Sold

"Summer's Twilight" is my contribution to the group show "Verdant" opening this Saturday, October 10, at Modern Eden Gallery in San Francisco. The show's theme is the seasonal transition from summer to fall. I created this as the next piece in my series of artwork from an imagined, long past civilization (
The Dankquart Collection). It's a marker, or memorial of sorts. Meant to honor the joy Summer brings, it also hints of her time coming to an end, as she looks over her shoulder and sees Autumn on the way.

For purchase information contact Modern Eden Gallery at the link:http://www.moderneden.com/collections/verdant/products/summers-twilight Sold