Origin of the Emissary

“Origin of the Emissary” 30x20” graphite with acrylic on Strathmore cold press illustration board.

This drawing was the result of a mixed media experiment and subsequent sketchbook scribble. The first was a mix of acrylic graphite and colored pencil on a small piece of paper. I liked the basic composition and wanted to explore it further in a larger graphite piece. A very quick scribble in my sketchbook provided the basic layout which then evolved as I began to draw.


Drawing began at the bottom of the board with the face, specifically the eyes, (Facebook video link of the way I begin a drawing) then moved up along a central axis, spreading off on both sides as I climbed higher up the surface. I usually leave the details until the drawing reaches a stage where I’m confident that the main elements have been accounted for. Once things are in place I move all around the piece much the same as I would when painting. When the drawing was complete I sealed it with a double application of matte medium. Then the acrylic accents were added, bronze metallic followed with a layer of iridescent gold at the top and cad red for the circular element at the bottom.