Gaia for "Flower Child"

Gaia 12.5x11.5” (16x15.75” framed). Acrylic on panel, artist created wood frame.

The Summer of Love, 1967. Hippies, psychedelia, great music, “happenings” and flower power. And the epicenter of this social movement in America was the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco. To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love the city of San Francisco is celebrating with a series of events including Modern Eden Gallery’s group exhibition, “Flower Child”. I’m a huge fan of the era’s music and art and thrilled to be participating in the show.

My contribution is, “Gaia”, an acrylic on panel painting with a custom created frame. The piece is a riff on one of my masked figures accompanied by my flaming skull and embryo characters, with a tinge of psychedelia for good measure. In fact the piece came from swirling thoughts of that era’s incredible album cover art, hence the squarish format. (How I would have loved to been able to work on one of those album cover commissions!) The lettering at the bottom is a tip of the hat to the incredible typographic treatments and hand drawn lettering that became so popular during the period. The embossed wood band running across the top of the frame was selected because it reminded me of one of those Painted Lady victorians in SF. A few floral style flourishes were added around the frame’s edges to tie the entire piece together.

“Flower Child” opens at Modern Eden August 12 and runs through September 2, with an opening reception on the 12th from 6-9pm.