Phosphorus for Arch Enemy Arts

“Phosphorus”, a new entry in the Dankquart Collection series, was created for Arch Enemy Arts “The Periodic Table of Elements” show. It’s a mixed media work utilizing acrylic paints and mediums, polymer clay, glass vials, and wood. When I began the concept drawings for the piece I knew I wanted to have a connecting link between the exterior, with the doors closed, and the interior, doors open. So I created the small red character at the bottom of the enclosure who flows directly into the main portrait when the doors are opened. The enclosure also features a skull in flower sculpt, a regular part of this imaginary lost civilization’s artwork, and two small reliquary items, bones secured in glass domes. Although this piece is designed to be wall hung, it will also work as a stand alone piece on a tabletop or desk. More photos are available here.
Purchase inquiries through Arch Enemy Arts Gallery.