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Portrait of a Poet Sage” 10.875x 9” overall, painting 7.5x5.5”. A smaller size imagined antique, created to be a perfect entry point for first time collectors wishing to own a Dankquart collection original. Acrylic on panel, artist crafted distressed wood frame. A flat panel painted to have a distinct trompe l'oeil faux fresco look, finished with a warm toned varnish. Signed on the back of the panel and on the brown paper backing. SALE! Was $575.00 Now $475.00+ $18.00 US shipping. “Buy It Now” purchase option US only. Buyers outside the US please contact me for additional shipping information.
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Mask Paintings

From a series of mask themed work these examples are perfect for collectors looking for smaller pieces and a terrific entry point to the Dankquart Collection series. Acrylic on panel, signed on the reverse side. Ready to hang or give as gifts.
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Black Walnut Ink Drawings

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Double Trouble 2
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Small Skull Flower

Embryo Series

A spin off from my “Fruit Gone Bad” series. Drawings of embryos inhabiting various vegetables and intertwine themselves around the roots. All are graphite on paper and shipped flat.
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“Gourd Gone Bad with Embryos” 8x4.5” image size on 12x9” cardboard. Drawn using graphite with white pencil on the cardboard backing of a vintage tracing paper tablet. I love the tattered pieces of tracing paper left behind at the top of the cardboard and decided to leave them attached. I glued a few down to the cardboard with medium and let the rest splay out. Drawing side prepped with clear gesso and finished with a coat of matte medium. The back side retains part of the sticker from a long defunct Chicago art supply company. $175.00 + $12.00 shipping. Buy It Now in US only. Outside the US please contact for additional shipping charges.
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“Eye of a Necromancer-Violet Beetle” Sold
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“Eye of a Necromancer-Copper Beetle” $325.00
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“Eye of a Necromancer-Red Beetle” $325.00
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“Eye of a Necromancer-
Green Beetle”
“Eye of a Necromancer” Now available, faux fresco pieces of the famed, (and fictitious) collection of historical artifacts and oddities owned by the dark and mysterious Mr Victor W. Dankquart. Above each sculpted eye is painted the quarter moon mark, identifying the wearer as a necromancer, with a beetle below the eye thought to designate speciality. These fragments are assumed to have been parts of much larger murals which paid tribute to the magical talents of village necromancers. Retrieved during archaeological digs in exotic locales, they belonged to a civilization now known only to the sands of time.

Each faux fresco fragment is approximately 4x3” mounted on a 7x5” textured surface and set in a 8x6” black frame. Sculpted with polymer clay and wood they receive a stone and plaster texture, and are then painted using various acrylic products. Ready to hang and become part of your own collection of imagined history. $325.00.
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Sketches I have a number of sketches and studies available for purchase. I’ve posted a few samples here, there are many more available on the “Sketches” page. Sold unframed unless noted otherwise.
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Childhood Memories Sold
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A Carpenter Bee $85.00
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“Snail Eye Mask”
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“Beetle’s Discovery” $95.00
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“Double Trouble” $95.00
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“Beet with a Treat” $95.00
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“The Keeper” 7x5” acrylic on panel with reclaimed vintage frame, polymer clay bird skull and feathers. Painted from a sketchbook drawing this piece seemed to be a perfect match for my idea of reworking a rescued frame and adding a bird skull and feathers. The skull is molded from polymer clay and was glazed with multiple layers of acrylic glazes. The bird feathers were found on my dog walks through a local park. $395.00 + $25.00 shipping. US only. Buyers outside the US please contact me for shipping information.

Winner Best of Show, “Mysterious” NAL May 2017 exhibition.

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