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Reliquary of the Acolyte34x25x4.5” Acrylic on panel, wood surround, polymer and Apoxie clay ornaments, resin, brass, cast iron. My goal was to create a piece with extra depth, visually, as with the window within a window composition, and by building layers of content for viewers to interpret.
Detail notes: the elongated skull at the center of the surround, a reinforcing statement of the ancient ancestor in the painting. It was created using Apoxie clay over a shaped wooden form, which was then “fleshed out” using polymer clay, and given a sunburst halo by fitting a series of small metal rods in two different sizes. The completed sculpt was then treated to a three color multi step application of paints to give a mellow antique finish.
The resin reliquary artifacts were molded from polymer clay, painted, and fit to small brass holders. Those were then filled with epoxy resin to give them a jewel like appearance.
The painting was finished using a three step varnish application that gives it a very rich, subtle craquelure look of age. Areas where the painting’s finish seems to have cracked and fallen away, exposing the substrate, have been given a matte finish. The difference in gloss painting varnish and matte “substrate” creates a wonderful illusion of depth.

Available, Contact me for information.
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